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NDIC has released a recent list of prescription drug facts

May 29, 2048 | Walker
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The National Drugs Intelligence Center (NDIC) has released a recent list of prescription drug facts including side effects and uses of many common – and commonly abused – prescription drugs.

The NDIC released a report titled the "National Household Survey on Drug Abuse." The survey showed that millions of young adults have abused prescription drugs. Among those are 2.7 million youths aged 12 - 17 and 6.9 million adults aged 18 – 25.

Advil side effects may be a dosing problem

May 27, 2048 | David
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Advil side effects may be contributed to improper dosing, particularly if the consumer is unaware of any changes that may have been made.

Advil, which is one of the nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs (NSAID) that have become popular over the last two decades, has been known to cause health issues, particularly when the drug is overused. This is common when a consumer suffers from chronic pain such as headaches and backaches.


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