Prescription Drug Watch List

The Drug Intel Drugwatch List page contains clinically important safety information and reporting of serious problems with human medical products. In addition, this page contains topical articles on pathogen control, internet accessibility issues, and global drug regulation.

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Market Withdrawals, Recalls

The list below provides information gathered from press releases and other public notices about certain recalls of FDA-regulated products.

  • XYZ1 Capsule
  • XYZ2 Tablets
  • XYZ3 Solution
  • XYZ4 Supplement
  • XYZ5 Single Dose Injection
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Strategies to Control Pathogen Growth

Controlling pathogen growth and toxin formation is best accomplished by:

  • Establishing a process that reduces the water activity
  • Ensuring that every unit receives at least the established minimum process
  • Packaging in a container that will prevent rehydration
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Internet Accessibility

We hope that you will share our efforts to improve this website's accessibility by providing us with your feedback. Let us know where the structure and technology of the site can be improved. The intended audiences for these pages are:

  • The Community of those with assistive needs
  • The personnel of Government agencies who want to know how accessibility is being addressed by this website
  • Vendors and Contractors who are looking for information about FDA accessibility policies, requirements and best practices
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Global Reaching of FDA

The FDA's international programs have grown in breadth and depth, and its experts are called on to direct, manage, and coordinate the growing body of international work across the agency.

  • Industries the FDA oversees have become global, and regulatory systems around the world have become increasingly competent and sophisticated
  • Mushrooming of international trade in the products FDA regulates
  • With the revolution in information technology, data acquisition and sharing have become easier than ever. As a result, regulatory agencies have had to make their marketing application review processes more compatible and efficient.

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Prescription Drug Watch List

The FDA has released a list of drugs to monitor based on potential signs of serious risks or new safety information.